98: Every Move You Make: Double Murderer--LC Underwood: PART 1 of 2


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In 1994, North Carolina detectives began investigating a former police officer named L.C. Underwood. He was connected to two murders, that at first, didn’t seem to have any connection. The investigative team, led by Detective Sergeant Paula May, would go on an odyssey, uncovering the dark secrets of this dangerous, abusive man. This is part 1 of a 2 part series.
Written, hosted and produced by Erica Kelley
Original Graphic Art by Coley Horner
Original Music by Rob Harrison of Gamma Radio
Researched by Erica Kelley
Edited by Chaes Gray
Major Source: FIRST DEGREE RAGE: The True Story of ‘The Assassin’, An Obsession, and Murder by Paula May: Detective Sergeant Paula May was the lead detective on the case and her publisher reached out and generously offered her book as research for this case.
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