SPA Girls Podcast – EP223 – What’s Your Word?


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We love the idea of visualising a word to describe how you’ll be in 2020.

What difference could a word make?

The answer is, it won’t unless you put it into play every day.

If it’s a word that speaks to you, then make the most of it. Use it. Journal about it. Post it somewhere you can see it. Put it in your phone and calendar.

You can find out our words and what we intend to do with them in this week’s episode of the SPA Girls Podcast.

Helpful resources:

How to Craft an Inspirational Mantra to Use All Year Long from : “Rather than focus on new year’s resolutions that don’t stick, I prefer to focus on things that help me reach my goals in a more mindful and holistic way.”

How To Choose Your Word For The Year from Cultivate What Matters blog : “Open a dictionary and thesaurus. Take your brainstorm list and use an old-fashioned dictionary/thesaurus to start researching your words! Look at the definition of each word, it’s origin, and synonyms and antonyms. You may be amazed at what you discover!

Make the most of it. Use it. Journal about it. Post it somewhere you can see it. I wrote it on my whiteboard at work so I see it every day. Likewise, I refer back to the page in my bullet journal often.” ~ via Intentional

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