SPA Girls Podcast – EP224 – Amazing Covers with Rebekah Haskell


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Are you about to get your cover organised? Or is there something wrong with the cover you currently have?

This is a must listen episode for all authors, but especially for anyone who’s struggling with their covers.

Rebekah Haskell is an illustrator and cover designer who has been doing graphic design since she was a kid. She was on the covers panel at 20Books Vegas 2019, and definitely knows what she’s talking about.

She’s got some amazing insights into covers, and definitely knows how to make sure your covers are the best they can possibly be. Learn how to figure out the best cover for your genre, how to work with designers and what your cover needs to be doing for you.

I took copious notes, and we all learned something new about covers!

My favourite quote from the interview:

“Covers are a language, and every genre has its own dialect. You have to learn that dialect. You have to learn what language bestselling covers in your genre are using to communicate with the readers, and then you have to use that language to communicate with your readers as well.”

Where to find Rebekah Haskell:

Facebook’s The Cover Clinic:

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