SPA Girls Podcast – EP226 – Romance Your Brand with Zoe York


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We are delighted to welcome back NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Zoe York, to the SPA! Zoe is a busy mom of two young boys and the creator of modern, sexy, small town contemporary romances, a sci-fi romance series and now non-fiction for authors. Since 2013, Zoe has published 56 books, lead numerous workshops both in person and online, and is a fellow podcaster – The SisterCast is where Zoe and her sister Amanda talk about media, marketing, and how awesome it is to be a perfectly average mom.

Romance Your Brand book from Zoe York

Today we talk to Zoe about building a marketable genre fiction series as detailed in her first non-fiction book for writers: Romance Your Brand. For first time ever in print, Zoe York breaks down how she plans a series–something she has done ten times over. Romance Your Brand is an adaptation of an intensive four-week course, now available to authors everywhere. This book covers:

  • high-concept pitches
  • taglines and blurbs
  • world building and casts of characters
  • writing the first book in a series
  • finding comparable series and covers
  • how to write towards future marketing
  • and why ALL OF THE ABOVE should be considered before you write a single word

This episode has fabulous marketing advice from Zoe, so get out your notebook and be ready!

“The truth is, success is found in trial and error. There’s no magic button, and maybe everything I’ve taught you so far might not be quite right for you. I still think it’s worth trying.” ~ Zoe York.

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