SPA Girls Podcast – EP238 – Simple Marketing You Can Do Right Now


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This week the SPA Girls cover free and cheap (and simple!) marketing activities you can do right now! Many of those we talk about require nothing but a short time block and some brain-juice. We hope this inspires you – but please don’t feel like you have to do them All At Once. Chip away, one activity at a time, as you have the time and energy and you’ll be on the road to better marketing.

Here are some starters …

(1) Tweak book description – add a single BOLD (use html) line at the top of your book descriptions on Amazon – that’s the only line most folk on mobiles see!
(2) Add HTML to you book descriptions – use Dave Chesson’s free tool at

(3) Check your categories on Amazon. Go to and put in your ASIN. Be is as many as you can (legitimately) and be OUT of any that don’t suit your book. Contact Amazon via Help and give them ALL the categories you wish to be listed in (full address) You can be listed in up to 10*

(4) Do Kindlepreneur’s free AMS Ad course

(Controversial opinion from Shar – Don’t overwhelm yourself with spreadsheets. Start with $5/day ads to 50-100 of the authors like you (use Goodreads / also-boughts and focus on indie’s only. If you’re game, run ads to book titles only). Spend 15 mins/day and watch your daily spend, daily income, and ranking on books advertised. FOCUS ON THE HOT books – your bestselling (and run to entire series).

(5) Write a prequel short story or novella for your best selling book/series – give that away on bookfunnel, social media, anywhere you can give it away.

(6) Write an epilogue for your best selling series – give away on social media, use as newsletter freebie, add link to back of relevant book for n/l signups.

… and there are plenty more in the podcast! Enjoy!

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