SPA Girls Podcast – EP246 – Chirp Audiobooks Promotion


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The delightful Carlyn Robertson from Bookbub returns to the SPA today to talk all things Chirp and audiobook promotion!

What is Chirp?

Chirp is an audiobook retailer powered by BookBub that highlights unbeatable discounts on audiobooks. Chirp offers listeners access to a full catalog of audiobooks that they can purchase á la carte with no subscription fees, but focuses especially on surfacing amazing, limited-time audiobook deals in members’ favorite genres. Their team works with publishers and authors to curate new deals every day, helping you drive significant increases in sales, reach new readers, and boost visibility for your audio titles.

Cheryl and Shar quiz Carlyn on:
* the key things an audiobook needs for success

* pricing best practices

* promotion strategies

* other tips for audiobook promotion success

* how to use bookbub ads to target audiobook listeners

* when Chirp will open up to other regions (currently it’s just for US and Canadian residents)

Guest Bio:

Carlyn Robertson works in product marketing on BookBub’s Partners Team, where she ensures all authors & publishers know how to use BookBub’s tools to achieve their marketing goals. She writes content for the partners blog & website, speaks at conferences, & conducts market research.
Find Carlyn at twitter: @CarlynAtBookBub and at Bookbub Partners blog for authors:


Submit an audiobook for a Chirp deal

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