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This week we discuss what advertising is actually working for our romance, urban fantasy and cozy mystery books. From facebook to series promotions, we’ve picked up some helpfully tips and strategies for getting the most bang of your advertising buck!

Trudi’s notes on Facebook Ads:

– need more than one book to make it work. (at least to make a profit, if your goals are to get eyes on your book, or get a rank, that might be different.) My new series ads aren’t making me money, because there’s only one book. That’s why I’m frantically writing the next books in the series.
– baby steps and you need to have patience. Small iterations win the day. Don’t freak out and give up (like I have in the past) and say they don’t work. Because they work for some people, so why not you too?
– Set a budget, make a plan, check every day, but not for long. (data rules the world)
– don’t spend all your time on your image, it’s a waste of time. (not a complete waste of time, it’s just that the ad image that wins in a test isn’t always the one you think is the best image.)
– Don’t forget to iterate your Amazon page. (this is super important. It doesn’t matter if you have a kick ass ad, if they’re not buying because you’ve got a lame Amazon page, then it’s a waste of time)
– Read through is really important for ads
– Test everything, including the buttons. (with or without, different ones etc). This can add 5-10% to your conversion, and every little bit helps.
– Different things work for different genres. What works for one author might not work exactly the same way for you, but that’s okay. Test until you find what works for you

Cheryl’s Notes on Series Promotion through Written Word Media:
Book One Free
Book Two 99cents
Book Three 2.99
Book Four full price

Cheryl also discusses how she’s approach promo stacking and using Bookbub ads and new release promo.

Wendy’s notes on facebook and fear:

FB – doing a budget beginning of each month. Allocate how much to spent on -backlist, -new release etc, -email newsletter signups. Break down each book etc
FB- get in and just do it!

Wendy also discusses rebranding an entire series, and getting traction without a bookbub; using other platforms and 5 free days promo.

As promised, here are Wendy’s before her rebranding makeover:

And July 2020 rebranding for the Lake Howling series:

Wendy’s updated blurb example for A PROMISE OF HOME , book one in the Lake Howling series….
Original Version:

When Branna O’Donnell heads back to Lake Howling, Oregon, she’s not sure what to expect. It’s a place that holds plenty of memories, both good and bad, but Branna is determined to find some peace there from the demons of her past. However, she soon realizes that living in a small town again comes with complications, and one of them is named Jake McBride.

Once the town golden boy, Dr. McBride has returned from Iraq angry and, like her, shouldering a few emotional scars. They strike sparks off each other from the outset, and Branna knows that if she gives in to the attraction between them it’s going to result in a world of pain. The problem is she’s not sure how to walk away.

Updated blurb:

Reclusive. Grumpy. Irresistible.

Dr Jake McBride loves two things in life. His people, and chicken cheesy-crust pies. Returning from Iraq, he’s done with medicine and strangers… in fact life. He knows all about trauma, and plans on dealing with his, his own way. His needs are simple, solitude and working on his new career as the town recluse. The only problem with that… well two actually, are the interfering towns folk of Lake Howling, and Branna O’Donnell. He’s damn sure that her return means nothing to him… until it does!

His first mistake was kissing her. His second was doing it again.

Branna O’Donnell is burnt out and needs a place to stop running. Strange how that place is back where she’d once been happy. Settling in to small town life again comes with complications and the biggest has a serious attitude. Once the town golden boy, Jake McBride now wears a permanent snarl, not that anyone but her seems to notice the sexy doctor has changed.

Sharing a bed complicates things but no way is Jake leaving Branna alone until they find who is threatening her, and even then he’s not sure he’ll be able to walk away. He can feel himself changing, and it’s all on her, but when her past comes calling with it comes the realization that more than lust is involved. He’s not sure he can be her hero but he knows he wants to try.



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