SPA Girls Podcast – Ep251 – Alana Terry, Facebook Ads for Authors


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Alana Terry is a 6-figure, USA Today bestseller with more than forty published Christian suspense novels. She hosts the Successful Writer Podcast which is a fabulous marketing-focused podcast for indie authors of any genre. Alana has also created several highly regarded courses to help authors reach their dreams of achieving creative and commercial success.

Today we’re going to talk with Alana about how she uses advertising to grow her readership and how authors can navigate the sometimes confusing waters of Amazon ads and Facebook ads!

Alana tells us how she got into writing and then we dive into demystifying Facebook Ads in particular.

We discuss how you begin including which graphics and text work best.

Also how much you’ll need to budget for.

Then we move on to what to look for when checking your ads and how to know when and ad is working.

Sometimes what you see is not what you get and that’s the case when you factor in advertising one book from a series. Readthrough is so important when calculating return on investment. (ROI)!

Naturally we’re interested in any tricks we might use plus we weed out a few myths.

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