67: The Ultimate Slayer Review


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It’s HERE! The episode that our heroic hosts have been discussing since the very beginning of this podcast. The episode where lovers become enemies, relationships are broken, and flesh is turned into metal, plus some weird shoulder meat curtain material. It’s the ultimate break up of Kingpin and Smythe! All in, The Ultimate Slayer! Alex and Will slowly come to terms with Kingpin and Smythe’s partnership coming to an end in this episode. They notice the odes to Robocop and The Terminator, the many flaws in cyborg Smythe’s programming, why Aunt Anna is the master of shade, and that Smythe’s abs have abs. Plus, Kingpin's mastery of PowerPoint and why Spider-Man and Mary Jane's relationship in this show is done better than any live action movie ever could. Our hosts also discuss the tragic passing of a few real life heroes in recent days; Chadwick Boseman, Norm Spencer the voice of X-Men TAS Cyclops, and STAS voice director Tony Pastor. May they all rest in peace. They also discuss the new Resident Evil Netflix show, Rocky IV recut, Scream 5, and lots more! Try not to shed too many tears as we finally come to the end of the greatest duo of love and crime — Enjoy! PATREON Head to our Patreon page www.patreon.com/spidermantaspodcast where you can listen to all new exclusive content, such as: movie commentary reviews, where Alex and Will sit down and watch movies! Like, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Blade, or the X-Men! You can vote on what they watch and review next, only on their Patreon page! You also will have the ability to write in your questions to our celebrity guests to be read to them on the podcast, or the ability to be a guest on our podcast! Plus, you’ll receive bonus recordings and outtakes, and be entered into a monthly raffle where you can win limited edition merchandise and original art by Will Robson. So, head to our Patreon and subscribe today!

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