Episode 13: Drinking Negroni and talking cocktails with guest Kirti Dwivedi


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In this episode, Damien and Jonathan welcome local Sazerac lover, influencer, and ambassador for Arizona Cocktail Weekend, Kirti Dwivedi of Diya marketing. The trio decide to forgo the wine and make Negroni's while discussing everything from their favorite dive bars to finding a kidney on Twitter. This episode is a great look into the craft spirit industry, the power of social media, and will give you an insider preview of some of the amazing events & competitions planned for Arizona Cocktail Weekend in Phoenix. Their conversation covers all the current trends happening now in the bar industry and, as usual, it takes many twists and turns along the way. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as they did recording it. Cocktail Tasted:Negroni - Made with equal parts Campari, Boodles Gin, and Dolin Sweet Vermouth. Chilled then served on the rocks.

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