Episode 31: Hazy IPAs of San Diego and Craft Beer Statistics


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In this episode, Jonathan and Damien go back to beer and do a followup to their Hazy IPA episode. They guys open a few different craft beers fresh from San Diego and discuss the craft beer explosion in the US and many of the trends happening right now. Damien busts out some amazing stats such as total number of breweries since the 1800's and per capita volume brewed per state. Many of the things covered in this episode are going to shock you ! Enjoy and thank you for listening. Beers Consumed:Resident Brewing - Chasing Mosaic - Single Hazy IPABelching Beaver - Digital Bath - Single Hazy IPABelching Beaver - Here Comes Mango - West Coast IPA Coronado Brewing - 23rd Anniversary - Double Hazy IPA

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