Episode 9: "Hollywood and Vine" wine movie discussions with 2002 Joseph Phelps


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In this episode Jonathan and Damien pop open a 16 year Joseph Phelps Monterey County blend called Le Mistral to see how well it held up. The discussion however quickly turns into their opinions of all the wine movies and the future of "Hollywood and Vine". They talk about many of the wine movies such as Sour Grapes, Somm, Bottle Shock, Sideways and The Red Obsession. Of course the conversation covers everything from "Why tasters often give Bordeaux a free pass" to the farmers of Barbaresco shooting cannons at clouds. We hope you enjoy the first show of 2019, they had a lot of fun recording it.

Wine Tasted 2002 Joseph Phelps Le Mistral - Monterey County, California

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