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Asha Dahya is a journalist, a Ted X speaker, host, and author. She was born in England, but spent most of her childhood in Australia. Since a young age, Asha has always been talkative and loved performing. She had aspirations to be an actress, but later found that path was not a good fit. Asha began working as a television host, and suddenly found herself working for some major networks. Once she felt established, she wanted to explore new challenges and opportunities outside Australia, which brought her to Hollywood. The move proved to be difficult, and Asha may have underestimated the challenges she would face in Los Angeles. Down on her luck, Asha longed for a supportive community that she didn’t have here in the U.S. She started the blog Girl Talk HQ as a place for like-minded women to share their stories. Little did Asha know, her media savvy and desire to speak her truth would lead Asha down a new path that would open doors she never expected.

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