Zara Alexandrova, Fashion Stylist


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Zara Alexandrova is a stylist and fashion consultant. She was born in Armenia and grew up in Russia. Since childhood, Zara always had an eye for fashion. She loved putting together outfits for school, and was even known to alter her mother’s wardrobe. Zara saw fashion as a means to be “the woman that she wanted to be.” Growing up in Russia, however, pursuing a career in fashion was out of the question, so Zara went to school to be a lawyer. When her family decided to move to Los Angeles, a place that embraces big dreams, Zara jumped at the opportunity to explore the fashion world professionally. She began working at boutiques on Rodeo Drive, and it wasn't long before her sense of style got her noticed. It wasn't long before Zara was welcomed with open arms into the world she knew she was always meant to be a part of.

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