Three Hundo Throwdown, NFL Week 13, Brew on Brew Crime, NFC East, WFT Redskins Rolling, Coffin Dance Fart Trap, the Mandalorian, Deebo RIP, Butt Sunning, Randy Goes Down, Lakers, Pandemic P 12-12-2020


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Segment 1: NFL Week 13 and the Sports Brew’s 300th Episode Throwdown! Salud o’clock Danger Zone! Blanton’s on the rocks! Cyberpunk 2077 crotch clipping. Apple AirPod Max debacle tangent. Let It Go Fart Trap Remixes, the Coffin Dance, and the Anaconda drop. D-Stat’s cordless phone. The Three Hundo Sports Brew soundbite throwback meltdown. Raising a glass to The Mandalorian, cranking up the Marvel and Star Wars shows, plus accurate Storm Troopers (wait, what?). Rudy Giuliani cuts one plus Germany’s missing phallic sculpture. Patriots – Rams TNF beatdown plus Cam Akers rolls. The Giants upset the Seahawks. The Raiders – Jets are messing with my emotions, man. Gregg Williams gets das boot. Episode 300 – good luck!

Segment 2 (1.56.15): When kittens attack, Cali bites Shannon’s ass, and Randy’s kegstand faceplant rewind. Katy Perry fireworks flashback. Raising a glass to Tiny Lister AKA Deebo (RIP). Randy goes full Sanford and Son. Shannon’s Christmas package, reach around pulls, and Randy goes down. Lakers off-season and Pau Gasol attempts a comeback. The Paul George extension - Pandemic P gets paid. The looming Harden move. Shannon’s hammered smack plus old school open palm body slaps. Butt sunning Sports Brew on Sports Brew crime. Redskins – Steelers, the bloody leg game, and the Whifts rally up! Drew Brees on the process, in-season progression, and appreciating team development. Wrap up, Let the Randy Hit the Floor, morning butt sunning, and full speed ahead on the party bus. D-Stat’s Cyberpunk 2077 review. The Morning After – no present wrapping (3.45.42)! NFL Week 13 round up, Aaron Rodgers dap, and fun with the Lifetime Mini Movie - A Recipe for Disaster. A Blanton’s dedication and 300 in the books (and in the trash can). Thanks to all of you! MP3 format, 12-12-2020.

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