Broadcaster Noah Eagle on calling the Nickelodeon NFL game and Ryan S. Clark of The Athletic of the NHL


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Episode 127 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features two guests. First up is Noah Eagle, who called Nickelodeon’s first-ever NFL broadcast and is also the radio voice of the L.A. Clippers. He is followed by Ryan S. Clark, who covers the NHL and Seattle Kraken for The Athletic. In this podcast, Eagle discusses the Nickelodeon NFL broadcast; what made the broadcast unique and the planning for it; how he got the assignment; navigating having a well-known father in the sports media business; how he feels about criticism of being gifted jobs; calling the Clippers; being interviewed by Steve Ballmer, and more. Clark discusses covering a team that exists but does not yet play on the ice; what kind of Kraken stories he does today; the interest in the NHL in Seattle; the most interesting stories in the NHL right now; how COVID has impacted coverage; what NHL teams have said about media coverage heading forward; how Clark evaluates diversity and gender among those covering the game; whether those numbers will get better; how the numbers of people in color covering the NHL can get better, and more. You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and more.

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