Houndsman XP - Wild Rides, Potty Mouths and NOTELLUM Blueticks


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This edition of the Houndsman XP Podcast is recorded in action as Chris and Larry Anderson search the Rocky Mountains of Idaho in search of spring black bear. The conversation is typical of a conversation had while driving mountain roads waiting on the epic box shaker, rig strike. You will be along for the ride as Larry does his best to drive the truck off the snowy, slushy mountain. No holds barred and editing for the sensitive ear, because Chris lost his religion in the presence of the possibility of dying or becoming seriously injured in this wreck.
Chainsaws buzzing, winches humming, hounds firing off and great conversation about hunting, breeding dogs, gritty bear dogs and good hunting partners, we cover it all in this episode of the Houndsman XP Podcast.

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