Transition Wild - Grizzly Encounters in Elk Country with Mike Mershon


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Today we are joined by Mike Mershon, a resident of Montana who hunts elk each fall in grizzly country. Since moving to Montana in the 90’s, Mike has grown up hunting among grizzly bears and even though it is second nature to him, he has had some pretty crazy experiences over the years.

We talk in depth about his gear preparation against grizzlies which includes bear spray and a side arm for protection. Mike covers how he carries his handgun, where his holster location is, and how he is able to draw a gun or spray very quickly if needed. We also cover how he sets up his camp, where he cooks, and how he stores his food to help avoid attracting bears to his sleeping area.

We then dive into past grizzly encounters during hunts and summer trips to the mountains, along with a story about a hunting partner who was attacked and mauled by a grizzly during an elk hunt. To round out the podcast, Mike talks about his crazy experience from this past fall where he was charged by a grizzly at full speed and discharged his gun. We cover common mistakes and his advice to help prevent potentially harmful encounters for anyone who hunts or recreates among bears. If you’re planning on hunting elk in grizzly country or are looking for a damn good hunting story, this episode is for you.

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