Ep. 88 Gina Almgren: Find Joy In Your Life


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In this episode Esmie and Gina discuss:

  • Being different and how to handle criticisms?
  • Spiritual DNA and different things a person’s body to plug them into the information of who they are.
  • .Finding joy and happiness and staying in action.
  • The biggest struggle: Not being understood and at the same time not being taken seriously.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take the risks and always look at life from a different perspective and you’ll find joy in it.
  • Always give your best in everything that you do and be an inspiration to others.
  • Don’t let criticisms affect you and don’t let it get into your mind, heart and soul.
  • If it makes you happy, just do it! Life is too short for regrets and worries.
  • Finding your purpose is a life-long journey. Be patient. Once you’ve found it, you’ll feel joy, peace and contentment.

“Find your joy. And your joy is not outside of you. Happiness is fleeting moments, find your joy and your joy starts when you start stepping into action. And that journey begins.” - Gina Almgren

Gina Almgren Bio: Gina Almgren life’s journey began when she embraced Modern Mystery School. Initiated in 2009, Gina serves as a Sr. Guide, and Instructor with the Lineage. Illumination Tours, recently co-founded, combines Gina’s three passions; Advance Spirituality, special events & travel. If you know there’s more, the path into the ancient mysteries awaits! Gina Almgren has been a business developer & event professional for decades. Always a searcher, Gina’s true life’s journey began when she embraced the Mystery Teachings of the Lineage of King Salomon. Initiated in 2009, Gina is in full service as a Teacher, Healer, Senior Guide, and Instructor with, what’s known today as, the Modern Mystery School. Illumination Tours, recently co-founded, combines Gina;s 3 passions; Metaphysics, special events & travel. If you've always known that there's more to life; if you've always known there's more to who you are; if you seek your true potential, purpose and gifts, the path into the ancient mysteries is what you've been looking for!

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