26: Wenger right all along? The Premier League Team of the Week so far


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PART ONE: The Premier League Team of the Week (so far)

00:03:27 - 00:17:44 | Goalkeeper

'You can't be that high strung and be an elite goalkeeper at the same time.'

00:18:01 - 00:35:04 | Defence
'He reminded everyone he's in the top three right-backs in the Premier League'
00:35:26 - 00:46:52 | Midfield

'He could be a real superstar for Spurs... but maybe not quite Mousa Dembélé'

00:46:52 - 00:56:20 | Attack
'Arsene Wenger always said South America produced the best strikers and now the Gunners finally have one of their own'

PART TWO: FA Cup fourth-round preview

00:56:50 - 01:03:40 | The non-Premier League team to watch
'It's the FA Cup's thunderclap derby.'

01:03:40 - END | Who needs the 2020 FA Cup most?

'Mourinho has been brought in for trophies – not style.'

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