A Geeky Chef's Guide To Memorial Day (with Cassandra Reeder)


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Who wants to waste money cooking up food on a holiday weekend that doesn't taste good? Not us. That's why, if you are like the rest of us, hanging out at home or with only a small gathering of people...it's the PERFECT year to make a little geeky fun and stretch that holiday-spending dollar. Today we'll help you create some recipes from your favorite shows, movies, and fantasy worlds with the host of the hit blog (and now book!) The Geeky Chef....Cassandra Reeder. She'll share some awesome recipes so you can create great Memorial Day fun... even if you don't have backyard space or a grill.

Plus, what's the deal with the renewed interest in gold since the market started shaking? We'll ask State Street Global Advisors' Chief Gold Strategist, George Milling-Stanley, about the role gold should play in your investment strategy. We'll also cover the new rule changes to your FSA and HSA funds... it just became a little easier to buy certain necessities at stores.

Finally, we'll wrap up the show with a timely question from Georgiy, who thinks he's heard Joe make some comments about gold. He asks: is it true that gold is 6 times more volatile than the market? If so, could we point him to some sources saying so?

Of course, we'll save some time for Doug's trivia. It'll be fun, as usual, here in the basement!

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