Abigail Adams: Financial Badass (SB RWD 120)


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Just a few more days until the new year! We're keeping our countdown going strong with one of America's original big-time investors: Abigail Adams. You can read our original show notes below:

As Women’s History Month draws to a close we suddenly realize….we’ve done nothing to celebrate! Today on the show we make up for that (‘in spades,” as mom says) by inviting down to the basement professor Woody Holton, author of the book Abigail Adams, for which he won the Bambridge Award and more. He’ll describe the amazing prowess of Adams in a time when many women not only weren’t investing, but weren’t even allowed to participate in their family’s financial plan. He’ll describe which investments she preferred, why she decided against real estate didn’t work for her portfolio, and how she created an estate plan for herself in a time when many women didn’t have that luxury.

In our headlines segment, we’ll talk to Jamie Wise from the BUZZ Index (ticker BUZ). He’ll describe why his strategy and those of some of his algorithm-based competitors seem to be winning in this time of volatility. He’ll also share some of the names that the crowds on social media are focusing on to ride the choppy market. Also, with the financial markets all over the place, we’ll review a story from Marketwatch that asks whether the market will crash, and if it will, what you should do to buckle up. The advice might surprise you, if you’re looking for ways to exit stage left, or are looking for advice that tells you how to exit stage left….or right.

We’ll of course have more from the world of financial planning, throw out the Haven Life line to lucky listener Nelson, who’s worried about his parents’ financial plan. They have an insurance-company based financial advisor, so Nelson thinks that they should move to different advice. How does he approach the topic with his parents? We also score some of Doug’s spinach-based trivia, and more. Enjoy!

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