Are Stocks Headed Back Down? (with Phil Town)


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We all wonder...this big stock market run-up lately...can it continue? Who should you listen to? What should you believe? Today we ring up a man WE believe, Phil Town, author of New York Times bestseller Rule #1, to provide some clarity. We'll ask him about the economy, the market, his strategy, and what he feels is the wrong way to invest in this climate. If you're ready for some straight talk from one of the best investment teachers, you'll enjoy today's discussion.

Plus, are you in the market to purchase a home? Joe and OG roll out 12 great housing markets for first-time buyers. We’ll round out our headline with our second piece on credit cards: why are issuers now giving out lower holder limits, (and does it really matter to you anyway)?

Later, we'll answer a question posted in our Stacking Benjamins Facebook group: Jason asks, what can he do to fix his father's retirement plan? His father is 60 and plans to work until he is forced to retire. At that point he plans to move in with Jason. With there being at least a decade of prep time remaining, Jason pleads asks us: what can he do in preparation?

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