Battling the High Cost of Higher Ed (with Ron Lieber)


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Beyond the big sticker price, New York Times money columnist Ron Lieber has a different mindset than most about college costs. After Ron explains why most of our assumptions on college costs are wrong (that includes you), he'll share three key criteria about what we're really looking for when it comes to higher education. We'll also tackle the no-college route, which comes with its own surprising set of misconceptions that have grown over time. What's the bottom line? There's a whole lot more to think about than the price tag, no matter which path you choose. We'll cover all of the options, threats, and opportunities on today's show.

In the financial headlines segment: is the sky finally falling on the stock market? For the twentieth time, NO! Despite what non-stop headlines tell you, the market will drop when it drops. Like Joe says, when it comes to the market, this is one of the few areas in life when doing nothing is the right call. Still, feeling the itch to move some money around? Take OG's advice and try to call the market for the next twenty days. If it works, call us before you do anything else, because we have an offer for you. If it doesn't work, stick to the tried and true and forget about market-timing.

We'll finish today's show with a Haven Life voicemail from Susan. She and her husband want to set up a savings account for their grandchild but have a few questions. How can they create a sustainable system for any future grandchildren? What happens if their grandchildren are bad with money? Are there any tax implications to worry about? We'll cover these questions, and more, for a comprehensive answer on setting up your kids for a fulfilled financial future.

As always, we'll save some time for Doug's (student-loan-themed) trivia halfway through the show, and much, much more (including some awesome TikTok advice....).

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