Broke Millennial on Tough Conversations (with Erin Lowry)


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How do you have money conversations with the people in your life without making things awkward? From asking the boss for a raise to having a tricky money chat you'd rather not have with a family member, and even to opening honest lines of communication with your partner - money can be a scary topic to broach. We bring good news: it doesn't have to be. Erin Lowry, the mind behind the Broke Millennial series, joins us today to share how you can move beyond the "pit in your stomach" feeling when it comes to money conversations, and the answer (really) is easier than you'd think.

Plus, during our headlines... let's just say the local Texarkana Chamber of Commerce isn't too happy with how we've been portraying the small quaint town of Texarkana. Chamber of Commerce President, Bubba "Tex" Mext had a few words he wanted to share with us, and - lucky for you - we caught it all on tape, and we're sharing it here today.

Of course, we won't leave you high and dry either. When we find some clean airtime, we'll also discuss a piece about the growing popularity of HSAs. While the book is still out on investor sentiment towards a dual HSA/401k investment approach, it's not the worst idea to consider for your larger financial portfolio. We'll explain why during our headlines.

During our Haven Life Line, we'll answer a call from Maz, who has more questions about the GameStop situation. What are the big lessons to take away here? What should investors have learned? How can people do better in the future?

Naturally, Doug can't let Tex Mext make so much commotion without having a few words on the matter himself. Better brush up in your Lone Star knowledge, because Doug has Texas on his mind today during his trivia.


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