Doing More With Less and Loving It (plus: under the FinTech hood with Diebold Nixdorf's Devon Watson))


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Being able to stack Benjamins has as much to do with stacking less stuff as it does with accumulating more money. It takes far less money to reach your goals if you're mindful of your spending. However, there are other advantages. Today we'll focus on the intersection of minimalism, frugality, and environmentalism, as we discuss with our roundtable team of contributors a fantastic piece from the Frugalwoods blog on the topic. Joining us today we welcome the host of the Marriage, Kids and Money podcast, Andy Hill. He'll join Paula Pant from Afford Anything and Len Penzo from Len Penzo dot com on today's show!

Plus, halfway through the show, we'll talk about a company working all over the FinTech front. Diebold Nixdorf is a company you may not have heard of, but on many fronts, they're the firm that helps the apps you live and the companies you use to show with, actually work. We'll talk about innovation in shopping, commerce, and banking with Devon Watson during our Friday FinTech segment.

Of course, we'll still feature a MagnifyMoney question from one of our Stacker friends AND debate some Ford Mustang pricing trivia....all just another day on Stacking Benjamins!

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