25 Ways to Fix Your 401k


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Do you feel just a little bit lost managing your retirement funds? Don't feel like your alone. A recent study shows that MOST Americans have no clue how to pick investments in their 401k, and worse yet, even more people feel like they're investing poorly for their retirement! If you want to fix your 401k plan (that thing you save into for retirement...), we're coming to the rescue. Today we'll discuss the good, the bad, and the stop doing this before you ruin your retirement.

There are MANY ways to make your 401k grow faster, but today we'll discuss how to pick better investments, save more money, stop making trading mistakes, picking better funds, and more.

Later in the show we'll throw out the Haven Life line to caller AJ, who wants our thoughts on buying a property at a discount to be used as an Airbnb. With the rest of AJ's bills paid, and the 401k and other retirement accounts fully funded, AJ and her husband have put in a $460,000 offer for a $540,000 house. So, is it a good time to make this investment?

As always, we'll carve out some time for Doug's trivia.

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