5 Million-Dollar Investing Ideas


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Few people have seen as many great ideas (and horrible ideas) as Paul Merriman. We were listening to Paul Merriman's advice long before we had a podcast and today we FINALLY were able to sit down with him...and he doesn't disappoint. Today Paul dishes out five ideas that will all make you over a million dollars more during your lifetime if you're a young investor. Before you listen you should ask yourself NOT if you've heard these ideas before, because there's a good possibility that you have. The key question to ask is, "What are you DOING about these five ideas." Based on statistics of the average investor we can all use help IMPLEMENTING a better strategy, and Paul shares some great ones today.

Plus, should you invest in non-traded real estate? A recent headline complains that real estate that isn't traded is hard to value. Joe and OG will go over exactly what the controversy is AND whether you should consider these for your portfolio. Also, we'll cover new information the Securities and Exchange Commission is making available to US investors. Will it change how you invest? We'll answer THAT question as well.

We'll end the show with a question from Matt on rebalancing. Matt asks if the natural ebbs and flows of the stock market (and regular investments) negate the purpose of rebalancing. Wouldn't the market take care of that on its own? What's the point? We'll talk rebalancing 101 today! It's a nerd's dream!

Plus, Doug gets a little classy with today's trivia. Well, he would consider anything to do with the subject of tea to be classy. If you feel confident in your tea trivia, make sure to test your mettle halfway through the show.


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