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Well, we went and added a comma. You weren't counting, but mom was. Today we'll share the money lessons we've learned over our first 1,000 (wow, have we really made that many?) episodes. Plus, we'll hear from many of our friends you'll recognize from the financial community. We'll share a monster list of our favorite books and resources, but all of the things that we've learned on our journey over the past (near) decade.

During our headlines, we'll double up on the experts. First, we'll talk to Dirk Izzo, president and GM of Hospitality at NCR, who'll share how restaurants embraced innovation and kept revenue flowing in the face of unprecedented challenges. In our second piece, we'll invite the man who literally wrote the book on silver investing to explain the craze in the silver markets hitting the news lately. What was happening while we were all watching Gamestop? It turns out, a TON. David Morgan will share his best tips on today's show.

As always, we'll save some time for Doug's trivia.

Finally, thank you Stackers for making a thousand episodes of this little podcast a reality. We couldn't have done it without you. Enjoy the show.

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