How To Build Your Stack + Millennials Ditch Financial Advisors


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Getting started on your personal financial journey is the hardest part. Where do you start and how do you get that first Benjamin stacked? And then how do you make sure to keep those Benjamins safe and make them work for you? Lucky for us, Emily Guy Birken and our very own Joe Saul-Sehy wrote a book that dives into personal finance and offers real, practical tips and strategies to help you be successful. Humor and easy-to-follow action items make it a great way to jump into your own journey. They are here today and were interviewed by Doc G from the Earn & Invest podcast to share behind the scenes stories of how the book was written and some of the points they dive into in the book.

During our headline we'll talk about those old sales tactics of playing rounds of golf and going out for extravagant dinners to get clients and why some millennials aren't buying it. Financial advisors have more responsibility than just investing your money but some young people are choosing to manage their own investments and explain why. Plus, Doug will share some trivia.


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