How To Donate Better--No Matter How Much (with Kris Putnam-Walkerly)


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Want to change the world with your donations, but feel powerless? Are you unsure of the best WAY to donate money or time to an organization? Have you ever been burned by the ineffective use of the money you've loaned or gifted? Today we'll talk to someone who knows how to help you become the philanthropist you've always wanted to be. Not only will Kris Putnam-Walkerly share how to find great organizations and evaluate them, she'll also give us tips on using tools like donor-advised funds to make a larger impact (and maybe score some tax relief!).

Don't worry if you like your news a bit on the harder-edged side - today's show has something for everyone: We'll ask how does an investor go from almost netting one million dollars to broke in two weeks? During our headlines, we'll look at how some investors got in over their heads in an attempt to earn huge returns... until the money train came to a screeching halt. In our second piece, we'll ask whether air travelers should expect airlines to raise fees to keep the middle seat open during the pandemic.

Plus, where are the financial resources for people who DON'T want kids? During the Haven Life Line we'll answer a question from Maddie, who has become more interested in saving and planning for retirement. A lot of resources she's found so far have a focus on planning for the expense of children down the road. Maddie asks: what resources can she find for people in her situation?

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