How We'll Achieve Our 2021 Financial Goals (plus MetPro's Angelo Poli)


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Today we stay focused on goal setting. We're turning our attention to our group of financial media members and asking them how THEY are achieving their own goals. They'll share how they communicate, hold family members accountable, and stay on track. Joining us today is special guest and host of the Seven Figures podcast, Sandy Waters; Paula pant from the Afford Anything podcast, and Len Penzo from

Halfway through the show, we'll give our contributors a break while we sit down with health and wellness expert Angelo Poli from With the holidays over and the new year here, Angelo has some great tips to fatten up your wallet while you trim down the waistline. How are you going to grow your net worth without a healthy body to keep you focused on the prize? We'll share how.

Plus, how can early retirees make sure they have enough reserves in the bank to take care of emergencies down the road? During the MagnifyMoney segment, our contributors drop some knowledge for Laura, who called in asking about preparing for early retirement with a preexisting condition.

Plus we'll save time for all-new game show trivia from the big man himself, Doug. Enjoy!

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