Lessons From a Real Estate Rookie (with Felipe Mejia)


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The host of the new Real Estate Rookie podcast, Felipe Mejia, joins Paula Pant (Afford Anything) and Len Penzo (Len Penzo dot com) to talk about real estate for newbies. A recent blog post at Coach Carson dot com discusses the writer's relationship with a mentor, and the most valuable real estate lessons he learned. Whether you're interested in real estate or just good lessons about life (and boy, are there many packed into this episode), we've got you covered.

Plus, we'll also talk to the Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas, about Zoom call etiquette. Many of us have to do calls from home now, but haven't figured out exactly what's acceptable and what isn't. Suzanne will dive into the details of cleaning up your conference call manners. Of course, Doug will share some trivia for our regular Friday contest AND we'll answer a question from a listener about life post-coronavirus. Should you keep more money in cash?

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