Making Being Underestimated Your Superpower (with Arlan Hamilton)


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Have you ever thought about what it takes to break into life? Maybe, like us back in the day, you've thought, "How do I come close to this dream of getting to financial security?" Forget financial security...what about just making ends meet? Today we'll interview a woman who's been through everything life could throw at a woman and she STILL came out we're giving you an amazing interview with Arlan Hamilton on what it took for her to break into not only life, but also the venture capital world in Silicon Valley.

Why isn't Warren Buffett overly concerned about the stock market fluctuations happening currently? We'll cover Buffett's investing approach that enables him approach the market with an outlook that many investors don't have. Plus, we'll take a look at why low volume ETFs are good performers... until they weren't.

During our Haven Life Line, we'll take a question from Peter, who wants to know more about using offset loans. Peter is having trouble getting a HELOC, and thinks that using an offset loan could be a good avenue for getting the funds to purchase more cash-flowing properties. Peter asks, is he wrong for wanting to do this?

We'll also make some time for Doug's Nurse Appreciation themed trivia.

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