Networking For Introverts (with Matthew Pollard)


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Think you can't network like a pro because you're an introvert? Better put your party hat on and take a shot of liquid courage, because our guest today is coming in with strategies and techniques that'll turn anyone into a lean, green, networking machine. (Without resorting to sending out hundreds of spam emails). Our guest, Matthew Pollard, has helped multiple businesses become million-dollar ideas, and he assures us it has a lot less to do with having the skills of a smooth talker, and a whole lot more with honest connection and preparation.

Having trouble with the law? While the long arm of the government may be able to seize your bitcoins, today's piece shows that by forgetting a key piece of information, you don't have to worry about your bitcoins ever really going goodbye - but good luck cashing anything in for your retirement. Plus, we'll cover why everyone's favorite mortgage strategy, velocity banking, is an off-the-rails fun way of paying down your debt... until it all comes crashing down around you.

Plus, during our Haven Life line, Justin tells us he's interested in buying stocks for his daughter. Her favorite game, Roblox, is about to go public, but the company is doing a direct listing. Justin asks: Are direct listings as bad as IPOs for everyday investors? Is there anything he should know about before getting involved? We'll give Justin the rundown, and even throw in a few of our favorite apps to get kids started on investing.

As always, we'll save some time for Doug's network-based trivia. Enjoy!

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