Oppression to Riches: The Stories of America's First Black Millionaires (with Shomari Wills)


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We've told plenty of incredible underdog financial stories on the podcast, but none like the one's you'll hear today. More than recovering from 6-figure debt or learning how to balance their budget, today we're excited to bring you the stories of the first black Americans, some of whom survived slavery, but who all went on to become millionaires. Shomari Wills, author of Black Fortunes, joins us today to bring incredible stories of fortitude, challenges and surpassing hardships.

We're sticking with the financial "comeback" theme during our headlines. Think you should throw in the towel on the whole financial independence thing because you've made a few mistakes? While you may not have the star power to pay off a $9 million tax evasion bill, like today's headline focus, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, your path to independence isn't over because you've wracked up some debt or made some bad decisions. Plus, a big life insurance company just was sold to another. If you're a client, what happens to your policy? We'll describe how it all works on today's show.

Of course we'll also throw out the Haven Life Line to a lucky listener AND save time for some of Doug's trivia. Enjoy!

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