Our Contributors' Top 3 Lessons From 2020 (plus explosive FinTech news from Tiller)


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With the end of 2020 FINALLY in sight, (and what a long 38 months it's been), we're excited to bring you all of our best lessons from the last year. Between Paula Pant and Len Penzo, with OG and Joe weighing in on all of their top picks, you'll have plenty to chew on. We'd write more here...but who wants to give up what our top picks are? Just listen!

PLUS, there's new innovation coming to your computer and phone. Like clockwork, it seems we hear about regular data breaches and how the companies we trust with our information have been mismanaged. Today we'll welcome to our Friday Fintech segment our friend Peter Polson from Tiller Money, to learn all about new advancements coming to your computer and phone app security. This will revolutionize how you look at financial technology in the future.

While there's no listener voicemail today, that doesn't mean we're not answering a question. We found a problem we wanted to help someone solve over at the personal finance subreddit. At the very least we'll make sure that (hopefully) none of you Stackers make this same mistake. This poster bought a new car with a 72-month loan attached at 5.9%. The kicker? They have a 710 credit score! With only a few days to return it, they ask what's the good play here? Of course, we'll have ideas.

BUT that's not all...we'll also reach the finish line on our year-long trivia contest! Can OG force Len into an overtime week? We'll have the exciting (maybe) conclusion (also...maybe) on today's show. Enjoy!

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