Putting Your Best Negotiating Foot Forward (plus an intro to Silvur)


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Life is about odds, and so are negotiations. How do you stack the deck so that you're "playing to the judge" the next time you're in a pressure discussion, high stakes negotiation, or difficult conversation? Today we're joined by a woman who teaches her students to interview better using many subtle (and not so subtle skills), the Scholarship Shark, Pam Andrews. Plus, Len Penzo has been involved in raise and workplace negotiations for the last 30 plus years, and OG has negotiated a ton with his kids, and sometimes he even wins! They'll all join in with their best tips on how to negotiate better. From what to say to non-verbal cues, we'll share LOTS of important ideas.

Nearing retirement and think you'll need some help "landing the plane"? After we part ways with our roundtable contributors, we'll sit down with Rhian Horgan from Silvur, a retirement app designed to help you make better financial decisions leading into your golden years.

We'll finish out the show with a MagnifyMoney question from Corey, who wants to build cash flow and long-term diversified wealth. He asks, what are our thoughts on investing in real estate? Corey says he wants his investment to be as passive as possible. Should he look into hard rental properties or REITs? Our roundtable will share their thoughts via Joe. (You'll have to see when you get there).

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