Shifting Your Life and Money into "Drive" (plus an intro to Blueprint Income's AARP Annuity Hub)


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Ever feel stuck? Here's a question: How do you stop thinking about doing something important in your life/career/money and actually get started with the hard tasks? This week our roundtable regulars share how they motivate themselves to press "go" more quickly each time, and how to keep pressing "go" more often. We'll talk about fighting fear, making decisions, and working your plan on today's show.

After our group is done sharing how they motivate themselves to NOT click the "still watching" option on Netflix, Joe will ring up Lauren Minches from Blueprint Income. They've recently partnered with AARP on a new annuity hub. First, we'll dispel some common annuity myths and also talk about why some annuities get a bad rap (spoiler: it's sometimes deserved). Then we'll discuss how different annuities work. If you're new to lifetime income options, Lauren will walk us through it together on today's show.

We'll round out our Friday with a Magnify Money question from caller Jordan, who has spent a lot of time as a DIY investor. Now that Jordan is planning on possibly bringing on an advisor, he asks us: what are our thoughts on drawing on an investment policy statement? Is there anything Jordan should know?

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