Should You Move For Money, Opportunity, or Peace of Mind? (Plus an intro to Yieldstreet)


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Feeling stuck? Maybe it's time to move. Of course, it's a lot easier to write about moving than actually planning and doing it. And while a move may pay off in the long run, there could be a hit initially to your finances. With that in mind, today we ask our round table contributors: what exactly would encourage you to move? Better location? Pay? Maybe you want to escape the harsh Detroit winters? (I'll let you guess who had that complaint). It's a fun conversation that covers a breadth of topics in true Stacking Benjamins fashion. Helping us out today are our round table regulars: Paula Pant from the Afford Anything podcast, Len Penzo from the blog, and our very own OG.

Halfway through the show, we'll give our contributors a break while Joe talks everything alternative investments with Michael Weisz, co-founder of alternative investments company Yieldstreet. During their interview, Michael covers everything from the company origin stories - a shocking reality check that a large percentage of everyday consumers were locked out of the alternative investments sector - to helping investors by cutting down average IRA rollover times from forty days to six. If you've ever wondered about other investment choices outside of stocks, bonds and funds, this is one interview for you.

We'll end today's show with our MagnifyMoney segment. Caller Kevin tells us that his father passed away last year. While he isn't attached to the credit card debt his father left behind, he's heard the horror stories of banks hounding family members after a loved one's death. Kevin asks: what's the best strategy for dealing with the looming creditors? We'll give Kevin some heartfelt advice that we hope can make this time a little easier.

Of course, we'll give Doug his airtime halfway through the show, and he's keeping things Texarkana Classy with today's trivia.

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