Stop Leaving Thousands on the Real Estate Table (with Tracy McLaughlin)


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Your boss offers you a several thousand dollar raise, do you turn it down? Probably not! Yet, one of California's top real estate agents says that home buyers and sellers both regularly leave thousands of dollars off the table. That's why today we're talking about better real estate transactions with Marin County, California's top real estate pro, Tracy McLaughlin. She'll share strategies from her new book, Real Estate Rescue, for staging, updating, and pricing a house so that it sells both for more money and more quickly.

We're also diving into why financial advisors are losing faith in planning software tools. With plenty of highly-rated software on the market, should you be worried that your advisor is disregarding fintech? We'll jump into the "why" during our headlines AND cover why so many Americans had to dip into their retirement funds during the pandemic.

Plus, could refinancing your home loan actually end up costing you more in the long run? During our Haven Life Line we'll answer a question from Niranjan, who heard on the show that because of the way amortization tables are structured, it might not always be a good idea to refinance a mortgage. He asks us to explain this a bit more in detail, and of course, Joe and OG oblige. During the segment, we'll explain financing, interest rates, amortization tables, and more.

We'll also carve out some time for some of Doug (who seems to be acting a little suspicious today... more on that later) and his trivia.

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