The Money Hackers: An Unlikely FinTech Origin Story (with Daniel Simon)


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How has that phone in your pocket changed the course of finance? It turns out, a TON. Today we talk to Dan Simon, who chronicles the birth and growth of FinTech for us on today's show. We'll discuss the early iPhone and how it became the center of development. We'll then highlight some of the early players and how their interest wasn't so much around banking, trading, or even finance, as it was a way to solve a very specific problem they had. We'll also discuss the future of FinTech. Dan's opinion may surprise you.

We'll also shine a light today on the student loan crisis. Good news for borrowers: there was something in the latest government aid package for you. We'll detail many of the helpful provisions with the help of CFP Ryan Law and Certified Student Loan Counsellor Andrew Pentis. Plus, if you're one of the over 6.6 million people who lost their job two weeks ago, we also have some help for you. We wish it was a new job...but instead it's just some financial tips.

That's not all! We'll of course throw out the Haven Life line in the funniest way possible AND save time for Doug's totally artistic trivia. Thanks for hanging out with us! If you're helping keep the economy moving during all this...special thanks to YOU!

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