The Most Powerful Person Is You (with Lydia Fenet)


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Lydia Fenet has a job where she commands attention for a living. As lead benefit auctioneer at Christie’s auction house, she has to quickly and effectively command a room. Today she'll show YOU how to sell your abilities to any group. We'll discuss how she broke into auctioneering, which is a tale of persistence, grit, and selling. Then we'll discuss her first auctions, and when she finally found success. While mirroring success helped her first begin the process of working as an auctioneer, it was something altogether different that finally separated her from the pack. Not only that, we'll talk about negotiations, demanding what you're worth, and more.

Plus, what do you have in common with professional athletes? It turns out that during this crisis you may have a TON in common with them. Namely, some of the questions they're asking currently about their money sound awfully familiar. We'll cover which questions those might be. AND, we'll also uncover yet another benefit of the relief package, more help with student loans. Sadly, this particular help isn't widely known, but we're helping to get the word out on today's show.

Of course, we'll also throw out the Haven Life line AND share some of Doug's after-Easter trivia. Stay safe, everyone!

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