The Unlikely Birth of Comedy Central (with Art Bell)


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Comedy Central is such a part of American culture that its existence seems obvious, but that wasn't always the case. The process of creating Comedy Central is a story of perseverance, luck, believing in yourself and your idea, and more. We'll talk to Art Bell about his original idea for Comedy Central, his background, and how he wound up pitching it to the head of HBO (without an appointment!). If you've ever had an idea that you wanted to bring to life, you MUST listen to today's show.

Plus, the student loan crisis is back in the news lately, with many speculating how the new administration is going to possibly change the game for borrowers. While we won't speculate on any of that, we WILL speak with Asha Srikantiah from Fidelity Investments about not only their 2020 Student Debt Snapshot (which shines a light on some of the most looming problems people are having with debt), but also a new free tool they've developed to help people work on better loan repayment strategies and options.

Later, we'll throw out the Haven Life line to J.J., who is changing brokers and wants to know the best way to diversify his portfolio now that he's moved. How can he diversify without paying a bunch of unnecessary fees?

Of course, we'll still share Doug's trivia, take a call about Joe's warranty expiring, and more.


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