They Paid Off Their Mortgage in FOUR Years (with Andy Hill)


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How would you like to pay off your mortgage in four years? Heck, many of us would love to pay off a mortgage in 29 years! Four years sounds like the stuff of dreams and make-believe, right? We might not have believed it ourselves if we didn't sit across from him in the basement and listen to his story. Today we're proud to bring you Andy Hill, host of the Marriage, Kids and Money podcast, and long-time friend of all of us in the basement. You may have heard Andy before on the show, but today he's agreed to share his amazing story on the podcast. We hope you can walk away from this one with some new inspiration and focus on your own financial walk.

What kinds of important items have people been spending their stimulus checks on? Well....while many Americans spent their checks on necessities, companies are also reporting some surprising not-so-great results. We'll dive into what people have been spending their cash on, AND save some time to cover why 70% of workers can't save for retirement.

Later in the show, we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to one Dad-To-Be expecting a son in November. Eric and his wife know they can open up a 529 plan for their son, but wonder about other accounts. They both live outside of the U.S., but Eric still makes money from a Colorado-based company. Can he open up a brokerage account for his son?

Plus, Doug will test your nerd-mettle during today's trivia segment with a thundering round of back-to-back fantasy and sci-fi questions. See if you can guess them all!

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