Colin Lancaster - Fed Policy and its Implications


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- What is Colin’s perspective on the extreme fear and greed that arose throughout the pandemic in 2020? These are constants within the market, but why were they of particular interest in this cycle?

- Are investors primed for misbehavior because of what we went through last year?

- Learn more about Colin’s new book Fed Up: Success, Excess and Crisis Through the Eyes of a Hedge Fund Macro Trader

- Colin believes that both Quantitative Easing and Central Banks have a net negative impact on the global economy. Why does the believe the current policy is failing?

- How can investors balance, or keep in tension, a critique of the fed with the reality that the narrative has frequently left people behind who were angry with the fed?

- There are lots of smart people that think racking up a national debt is relatively inconsequential, but Colin believes that it matters a great deal. What lead him to this perspective?

- How is the fed fueling wealth inequality with their current policies?

- What can we, as a nation, do differently to minimize the wealth gap?

- How would Colin have approached the pandemic differently, from a fiscal approach, if he was in charge of the fed?

- What qualities do great investment thinkers seem to share?


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