Joy Lere - Taking Stock and Staying Well


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Dr. Joy Lere is a psychologist and consultant who practices where Freud meets finance. She works with foot planted in the field of psychology and the other waltzing on Wall Street. She has previously served as an Associate Clinical Professor of Clinical Psychology at George Washington University and has held clinical and research positions at Children's National Medical Center, Penn Medicine Princeton Health, and the Department of Defense.

Twitter: @joylerepsydIG

Tune in to hear:

  • Why someone with a history of anxiety may be better equipped to work through the heightened anxiety and sea change coronavirus created in our personal lives

  • Coronavirus has prompted many of us to take stock of our lives and consider our priorities. Will the saliency of these revelations fade quickly? If so, what steps can one take to create positive, lasting change in their life?

  • What factors, other than screen time, greatly effect sleep hygiene?

  • Ways to maintain positive interpersonal relationships while in quarantine

  • How to mitigate feelings of loneliness in a time where connection is limited

  • What does true self-care look like and how does our culture misperceive this?

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