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Samantha Russell is the Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Twenty Over Ten. Utilizing her background in Public Relations, Marketing and Client Relations, Sam focuses on helping new clients understand the value of their online presence and connecting them with the marketing tools and digital solutions they need to effectively manage their brand. Samantha was featured on Wealth Management’s “10 to Watch” and Investment News “40 Under 40” 2020 lists. Apart from her job, Sam enjoys cooking, running, hosting dinner parties and keeping up with her favorite podcasts - This American Life, Radiolab and Serial.

Tune in to hear:

  • Do marketers have an ethical obligation to use their powers for good?

  • What is social marketing and what are some ways it can educate + help create a better world?

  • What are some of the “pillars of success” shared by many timeless marketing campaigns?

  • How true is the contemporary adage that “everyone is a brand?” If this holds true, how do we balance this reality with authenticity and candor?

  • Are brands framing themselves more like personalities or trying to humanize themselves? How can brands navigate the thin line between being topical + seizing a moment vs. abusing their influence and taking advantage of a bad situation?

  • What are the upsides and drawbacks to brands taking a particular political stance?

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