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It’s time to go back to some of the Greatest Hits in Standing Ovation history – and no, this was not an easy task.

But when you have a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, an inspiration to audiences and peers alike, on the show… How could Sally Hogshead not be part of the Greatest Hits?

If you want to know how to get into speaking, if you want to hone your craft, if you’re at the top of your game – whoever you are, listening to Sally will help you take it to the next level.

And she’ll do it with her signature affable, engaging style. And maybe a shot of Jägermeister…

Clappers, this episode is packed to the rafters with sublime suggestions for speakers. Grab a notepad and let’s dive in.

Find out about:

  • Why being different is best, and why Sally’s signature Jägermeister story proves it
  • The hilarious origin story of Sally’s Jägermeister story
  • How focusing your presentation around your advantages as a speaker will help you
  • Why you should never try to be ‘the speaker for all audiences’
  • What the difference is between a great keynote speaker and a world-class keynote speaker
  • How the proximity effect can help you bond with your audience
  • Why you should avoid certain events for the sake of you and your personal brand

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