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Kate founded One Young World 10 years ago whilst Global President and UK Group Chairman of Havas Worldwide, in response to what she saw as a growing leadership vacuum in business, politics and civil society. Its goal is to identify, promote and connect the world’s most impactful activists to create a better world, with more responsible and effective leadership.

During her time at Havas,Kate was the world’s most senior woman in advertising. Taking inspiration from her mother, the first woman in South Africa to become a Board member, she has always fought for young voices to be heard – and her policy of inviting under 30-year-old’s to join the Havas Board was a first of its kind.

From its work in peacebuilding with the European Commission, to creating the world’s largest ever investment in youth-led SDGs initiatives, One Young World has become the definitive voice on young leaders – with a community of over 10,000 under-35-year-old activists from over 190 countries.

As a result, it has garnered the support of some of the world’s greatest activists – from Bob Geldof, to the late Kofi Annan, Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and Paul Polman, amongst many other global figures.

Last October, One Young World returned to its London home to celebrate its tenth anniversary – in what was the city’s most international event since the 2012 Olympics. The annual Summit gathered 2,000 leading young activists from over 190 countries – with notable guests including HRH the Duchess of Sussex and JK Rowling.

Kate’s experience led her to co-author a recent book on how to successfully make a difference in today’s society. ‘How to Make a Difference’ is a guidebook that captures the experience of those she has worked closely with, including the young people at the forefront of movements from the Hong Kong protests to Black Lives Matter.

(Interviewed by Chris Joannou @DREAMPUSHERS).

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